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Our Advantages

ACPI is dedicated to providing solutions that precisely meet the requirements of our customers for features, performance, and quality.

Long-Term Product Offering and Support

ACPI's product portfolio includes technologies that have long contributed to our customers' success, as well as the latest ones to be adopted. We are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive support, including high-quality products and services.

In-House Manufacturing for Optimized Quality Control

Patriot's in-house factory optimizes quality control in every step of manufacturing, from parts inspection to final production. This minimizes uncertainties in the pipeline and maximizes the final output. Our one-station in-house manufacturing also facilitates easier tracking of defective materials, compared to sourcing from various vendors.

Flexibility for Batch Production and Customization with Fixed BOM Solution

ACPI maintains flexibility for batch production and partners with our customers from the beginning of the project to develop customized solutions that best fit their needs. To ensure the performance of approved products, we also offer fixed BOM solutions for our customers.


In today's globalized information age, network communication technology plays a crucial role in transmitting information. Reliable and durable signals are essential for Netcom equipment, including routers, switches, and base stations. This requires a stable and secure network transmission technology to ensure strong reliability and durability.

Casino Gaming

Power your gaming experiences with ACPI's innovative embedded system and industrial solutions. Our devices guarantee secure data management and boast an impressive 100K P/E cycle durability. From slot machines to game servers, ACPI delivers top-notch speed, reliability, and peace of mind for your gaming experience.
ACPI 創新的嵌入式系統和工業解決方案提升博弈娛樂的整體體驗。

Server Applications

As servers become more widely used, cloud computing has become an indispensable technology. The industry has gradually increased the specifications required for servers, including high speed, long life, good scalability, and stable performance. This is necessary to facilitate the processing of complex and large amounts of data.

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Factory Line

Manufacturing, Testing, and Repair

At ACPI, we are committed to delivering high-quality future AIoT solutions to help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.
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