With the changing times and rapid advancements in technology, security monitoring has become an indispensable need in people's lives, ranging from international public safety to personal and home security facilities. A comprehensive control mechanism has been established, from monitoring to recording, calculation, identification, and tracking. The development of intelligent security monitoring and network communication interfaces has continuously improved the technical core towards efficiency.

Improve Efficiency and Price Competitiveness

Moore's Law, the rule of thumb for semiconductors, states that chip costs decrease while functionality increases due to improvements in chip integration. With the popularization of security control, price competitiveness has become a significant market condition. ACPI SSD offers a 3D TLC storage device, utilizing 3,000 P/E CYCLE, and has fast read and write speeds to meet the demand for popularization.

Resistant to Extreme Environments

ACPI SSD storage devices support wide temperature technology, ensuring normal operation under extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. This feature is crucial for automated production process monitoring in high-temperature environments in factories and high-altitude weather monitoring devices.

Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligence is another major driving force behind the development of the security control industry, such as fingerprints, portrait recognition, license plate recognition, object tracking, and behavior judgment. It is a vital topic for monitoring intelligence. To respond to the memory capacity required for a large amount of image analysis, ACPI SSD storage devices with 3D TLC technology can provide a maximum capacity of 2TB storage devices.

Network Communication

The monitoring system is moving towards a smarter life, taking care of the lives of the elderly, babies, or pets. ACPI SSDs series products can be used in various monitoring devices to meet customer needs.

Data Security

A large amount of personal data is stored under the established monitoring system. To ensure security, ACPI SSD storage devices can use software AES-256, TCG OPAL2.0 encryption function, or hardware anti-write mechanism WRITE PROTECT to avoid the risk of data leakage or misappropriation.


  • Railway safety digital monitoring
  • Police car security digital monitoring
  • Highway digital monitoring
  • Smart city digital monitoring
  • Parking lot digital monitoring
  • Network attached storage
  • Driving recorder

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