ACPI Milestones


  • ACPI merged with Patriot Memory, Inc. to become an industrial brand under PATRIOT Group, with strengthened capabilities in embedded solutions.


  • Expanded SMT production line to increase capacity and efficiency.
  • Developed cutting-edge 2TB PCIe Solid-State Drive.
  • Recognized with Taiwan SMEs, D&B award for outstanding performance.


  • Developed Flash Health Remoter, our own monitoring tool, to improve operations and efficiency.
  • Received recognition with Taiwan SMEs, D&B award for outstanding performance.


  • Developed a new series of 3D TLC solid-state drives with Power Shield function to enhance data protection and power efficiency.


  • Conducted exclusive research and development of Expert Power Shield Technology, a cutting-edge power protection solution for our products.


  • Showcased industrial product lineup at Embedded World 2013, highlighting our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.


  • Attended major industry events including Embedded World, ESC, ESEC, and Computex, showcasing our latest products and solutions.
  • Received certification for ISO 9001 quality management, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to customers.


  • Launched high-performance industrial-grade memory products under our own brand, ACPI, expanding our product offerings.
  • Released the smallest SATA EDOM, a cutting-edge embedded storage solution, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence.


  • Officially announced ACPI as our own brand for embedded products, solidifying our commitment to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to customers.


  • Officially announced our USB 3.0 product series, providing high-speed and reliable connectivity solutions to meet the growing demand for fast data transfer.


  • Officially announced our SSD product series, focusing on delivering high-performance and reliable storage solutions to customers.


  • Set up a new factory in Zhonghe, Taipei, expanding our production capabilities and improving efficiency.


  • Started providing ODM/OEM services for embedded and consumer storage products, expanding our business and capabilities to meet the growing demand for digital storage solutions.


  • ACPI Digital was founded in 2003 by our Chairman, L.B. Lin, establishing our company as a dedicated provider of digital solutions to customers.