In today's globalized information age, network communication technology plays a crucial role in transmitting information. Reliable and durable signals are essential for Netcom equipment, including routers, switches, and base stations. This requires a stable and secure network transmission technology to ensure strong reliability and durability.

Product Reliability

ACPI ensures product reliability by incorporating wide temperature technology (-40℃~+85℃) and abnormal power-off protection function (Power Shield) in all its products. These features stabilize the operation of Netcom equipment in extreme weather and unstable power environments.

Product Durability

ACPI SSD storage devices are designed to withstand long-term operation of Netcom equipment, small file random writing, and extreme environment applications. The devices are equipped with SLC and pSLC high writing technology and conformal coating technology (Conformal Coating) to improve durability.

Information Security

As data gradually shifts to storage in cloud computing devices, information security becomes more crucial. ACPI addresses this by providing multiple data encryption functions (AES-256, TCG OPAL 2.0, etc.) to ensure safe access to high-value and sensitive data, reducing the risks associated with information security.


  • Direct storage
  • Network attached storage
  • Storage area network

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