Production Flow

SMT Equipment introduction

SMT - Solder Paste Printer

DEK Horizon 03iX

DEK NeoH03iX

Standard Configuration Specification
Machine Alignment Capability >2 Cpk +/- 12.5μm, 6 Sigma #
Process Alignment Capability >2 Cpk +/- 25μm, 6 Sigma #
Core Cycle Time 20 secs
Maximum Print Area 510mm(X) x 508.5mm(Y)
Printer Construction One piece optimized welded frame
ISCANTM Machine Control Motion control using CAN BUS network
Operating System Windows XP
Operator Interface Colour TFT touch screen display, keyboard and trackball with DEK Instinctiv software
Camera Green digital camera, using IEEE 1394 interface
Camera Positioning Rotary motors and encoders with 4 micron resolution
Squeegee Pressure Mechanism Software controlled, motorized
Stencil Positioning Manual with screen depth adjuster
Stencil Alignment Motorised via actuators X, Y and Theta
Squeegee Clamped double training edge squeegee
Machine Interface Upline and downline FMI included
Connectivity RJ-45 LAN and USB2
Tri Colour Beacon Programmable with audible alarm

SMT - Color 3D SPI



Standard Configuration Specification
X/Y Pixel Resolution 20μm
Measurements Volume, Height, XY Position, Area
Height Range / Resolution 0 ~ 450μm / 0.4μm
Height Repeatability +/- 1%
Volume Repeatability +/- 1%
Height Accuracy 2μm
Gage R&R < 10%
XY Servo Linear Motor Resolution 1μm / pulse
XY Servo Linear Motor Accuracy +/- 5μm
PCB Size 50x50~330x250 mm
PCB Thickness 0.4 ~ 7.0mm
Machine Dimension 705 x 1200 x 1540 mm

SMT - Panasonic Mounter

Panasonic NPM-W

Standard Configuration Specification
PCB Size L50mm x W50mm ~ L750mm x W550mm
PCB exchange time 4.4Sec
Electric source 3-phase AC 380V 2.5KVA
Machine Dimension 1280 x 2322 x 1444 mm
Mass 2250kg
Placement heat 16-nozzle head / 12-nozzle head / 8-nozzle head
Placement speed 35000cph / 31250cph / 20800cph
Placement accuracy(Cpk>=1) +/- 40μm / +/- 40μm
Component Dimensions 01005” ~ 12x12x6.5mm / 01005” ~ 32x32x12mm
Component supply Taping : 8 ~ 72mm
Stick: 7 ~ 14
Tray: Single tray: 20

SMT - BTU Reflower

BTU Pyramax 100N

Standard Configuration Specification
Atmosphere Air or Nitrongen
Conveyor Speed 10-60 in/min / 25-152cm/min
Conveyor Width 2-18 in / 51-457 mm
Heated Length 100 in / 2540 mm
Heated Zones(Top/Bottom) 8 top / 8 bottom
Cooling Length 28 in / 711 mm
Cooling Zones(Top/Bottom) 1 top / 1 bottom
Overall System Length 183 in / 4648 mm
Overall System Height 60 in / 1524 mm
Overall System Width 60 in / 1524 mm
Voltage Range 208 – 480VAC



TRI 7700S3DT

Standard Configuration Specification
Optical and imaging system 1 Top-view camera: XGA 3CCD color camera( 1024x768)
Lighting: Ultra-low angle, multi-segment
RGB LED lighting system + coaxial lighting
Optical Resolution: 20μm
Imaging Method: High-speed dynamic imaging
X-Y Axis Resolution 1μm
PCB Size 50 x 50 mm ~ 400 x 300 mm
PCB Thickness 0.6mm ~ 3mm
Max. PCB Weight 3kg
PCB Carrier / Fixing Manual input & mechanical auto clamping
Clearance Top: 25mm
Bottom: 40mm
Edge: 3mm
Machine Dimensions 800mm x 1272 mm x 1417 mm
Weight 308kg
Voltage Range Single phase 220~240V 50/60Hz 2.0KVA

SMT - Vision Added AUTO PCB Separator

GAM 320

Standard Configuration Specification
Valid cutting size 350 x 300 mm
Cutting function Offset to straight line, circular, arc
Process table Dual tables
Repeat precision +/- 0.01 mm
Cutting accuracy +/- 0.02 mm
Max. moving speed XY axes 800 mm/s , Z axis 350 mm/s
Max. moving trip X: 810 Y: 370 Z:90 mm
Main shaft rotational speed Max. 60000 rpm Adjustable
Cutting speed 0 ~ 100 mm/s Adjustable
Operation interface Windows XP
Program teaching mode Color CCD image input by intuition teaching
Program backup USB interface
Control method PC BASE precise three axes control system
XYZ axis driving mode Server motor
Adapt to mill size Φ0.8 ~ 3.0 mm

ESD Control