The retail industry has undergone significant changes in the economic age of "customer-driven" with the popularity of smart logistics systems and mobile payment platforms. To meet the growing demand for all-round shopping channels, the physical retail industry needs new software and technology support to create new momentum, operating strategies, and promote diversified retail.


ACPI SSD storage devices are designed to withstand shock and vibration, making them ideal for use in medical equipment such as medical carts, physiological monitors, and ultrasonic scanning detectors. They have passed the IEC 60068-2-2 vibration test, ensuring normal operation in harsh environments. The devices are also equipped with Power Shield to prevent accidental power failures and medical negligence, even in environments with unstable power supplies. With SLC NAND Flash, they can extend time and improve durability to meet the demand for respiratory monitors during new virus outbreaks.

Information Accuracy and Completeness

ACPI SSD storage devices ensure data integrity with all-area average erasing technology, TRIM command to reduce product damage and data loss, and automatic error correction mechanism (ECC) built into the hardware. They also use low-density parity check code (LDPC) with 3D technology to reduce data errors, meeting the data integrity requirements of preventive medicine and precision medicine.


  • POS system
  • Public information machine
  • Digital signage

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