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DDR4 Unbuffered SO-DIMM w/ ECC Series


  • 16 internal banks with Bank Grouping and available CAS to CAS latency (tCCD_L, tCCD_S) for the banks in the same or different bank group accesses
  • Data transfer rates: PC4-12800, PC4-14900, PC4-17000, PC4-19200
  • Bi-Directional Differential Data Strobe
  • 8-bit pre-fetch
  • On-the-fly Burst Length (BL) switch: BL8 or BC4 (Burst Chop)
  • On-Die Termination (ODT) and Temperature sensor with integrated SPD
  • Compliance with the RoHS directive
  • Supported Per DRAM Addressability
  • Available Internal Vref DQ level generation
  • Write CRC support at all speed grades
  • Supported DBI (Data Bus Inversion) (x8)
  • CA parity (Command/Address Parity) mode support

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Capacity 4/8/16GB
Temperature Normal-Temp -Operating Temp. : 0°C ~ +85°C
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Data rate 1600/1866/2133/2400Mb/s
Voltage 1.2V(1.14V-1.26V)
Package 78-ball BGA for x8
Burst Length BC4,BL=8
Rest YES
Module Type 260pin DDR4 SDRAM Unbuffered SO-DIMM with ECC
Name Download
ACPI DDR4 Unbuffered SO-DIMM w/ ECC Series Download