ACPI Launches Enterprise Data Center U.2 SSD Catering to the Growing Demands of Edge AI

Apr 09, 2024


New Taipei City, March 29, 2024 – ACPI, an esteemed industrial solution provider under the Patriot Group, unveils its latest enterprise-grade data center U.2 NVMe SSDs, EU2H2-BL and EU2H1-BL, at Embedded World 2024. These SSDs are designed to facilitate real-time data processing and analysis for Edge AI applications, reducing dependency on cloud infrastructure.


Jance Lu, CEO of the Patriot Group, commented, "With the exponential rise in Edge AI applications and direct AI deployment on local edge devices, we anticipate significant growth in the enterprise-grade SSD market." Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) projects global AI server sales to increase from 1.94 million units in 2024 to 3.2 million units by 2027, representing a notable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.7%.


At Embedded World 2024, ACPI is showcasing a diverse range of solutions to address industry demands. From enterprise-grade data center U.2 NVMe SSDs and flash storage with 100K P/E cycles to innovative PCIe Gen4 x4 solutions, ACPI offers reliability and performance. Additionally, DDR5 DRAM modules enhance memory performance in embedded systems. These offerings reflect ACPI's commitment to providing quality solutions tailored to current market needs.


Enterprise-Grade Data Center U.2 NVMe SSDs

EU2H2-BL U.2 SSD, powered by the Marvell™ PCIe Gen5 enterprise controller, Bravera™, and 3D eTLC NAND Flash, not only doubles the throughput of PCIe Gen4 SSDs but also supports multiple enterprise-level security features such as end-to-end data protection, DST, Sanitize, Secure Boot, and TCG OPAL 2.0 to ensure system and data security. With Sequential Read/Write speeds of 14,000 / 6,300 MB/s, EU2H2-BL delivers exceptional performance for enterprise applications.


Meanwhile, EU2H1-BL is a PCIe 4.0 high-performance U.2 NVMe SSD featuring advanced 3D eTLC NAND. In addition to its outstanding speed, it offers advanced power loss protection that safeguards user data against power failure in various scenarios. Furthermore, it provides nine levels of adjustable power consumption, ensuring more convenient operation, maintenance, and better total cost of ownership (TCO). With Sequential Read/Write speeds of 7,400 / 6,400 MB/s, EU2H1-BL is specifically tailored for enterprise and data center environments, delivering reliability and performance where it matters most.


Flash Storage with 100K P/E Cycles

ACPI proudly introduces its latest flash storage technology featuring exceptional 100K P/E (Program-Erase) cycles, marking a significant milestone in durability and reliability. Leveraging BiCS5 112-layer 3D TLC NAND Flash technology alongside high-performing 3D pSLC NAND Flash solutions, ACPI's flash storage solutions achieve an extended lifespan of 100K P/E cycles, surpassing traditional 3D TLC NAND Flash by an extraordinary 33 times. With products such as the M2PDCII-8 series—a high-speed M.2 2280 Gen3 x4, and M2SCT-8 series—an M.2 2280 SATA 6Gb/s, ACPI's flash storage solutions promise unmatched reliability and performance for diverse applications, ensuring data integrity and endurance in demanding environments.


PCIe Gen4 x4 Flash Storage

Innovating in the PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD domain, ACPI presents two mainstream form factors. The M.2 2242 Gen4 x4 series, designated as M2PDG-4, achieves maximum Read/Write speeds of up to 5,170 / 4,530 MB/s, setting a new standard for performance. Additionally, ACPI's M.2 2280 Gen4 x4 series, labeled as M2PDH-8 and slated for mass production in Q2, 2024, is estimated to achieve maximum Read/Write speeds of up to 7,400 / 6,800 MB/s, elevating performance to new heights. With capacities ranging from 256GB to 1TB, both series feature 4KB LDPC error correction with End-to-End (E2E) and SRAM ECC protection, multi-layered RAID engines, and superior thermal management mechanisms, ensuring high performance and reliability for industrial control solutions.


DDR5 DRAM Modules

ACPI brings forth DDR5 DRAM modules, enriching memory performance in embedded systems. The DDR5 Unbuffered-DIMM with Error Correcting Code (ECC) and the DDR5 SO-DIMM with ECC boast speeds of up to 5,600 MT/s and capacities ranging from 8GB to 48GB. Operating at 1.1V and accommodating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, ACPI's DDR5 modules ensure robust performance. Leveraging On-die ECC and Side-band ECC, ACPI's DDR5 modules offer reliability for diverse applications.


Event Details:

 ● Date: April 9–11, 2024  

 ● Location: Nürnberg, Germany

 ● Booth: Hall 3, Booth 3-601


Embedded system professionals attending Embedded World 2024 are invited to visit ACPI's booth to experience firsthand the capabilities of these groundbreaking innovations.